It's time for a common sense approach to regulating marijuana!

Recently, the US Attorney General announced that the Department of Justice will allow states to legalize marijuana for adult use so long as they meet eight specific guidelines. This has opened the door to a common sense approach to regulating marijuana.

Prohibition has failed. It’s time for a common sense approach that controls the market by rewarding responsible business owners instead of ceding the market to drug cartels. It’s time for an approach that provides resources to educate our kids about the dangers of adolescent marijuana use. And, it’s time for an approach that respects the rights of responsible adults to decide what they consume within the privacy of their own home.

Let’s help Maine Legislature become the first elected body in the country to responsibly end prohibition and move to a system of regulation that will truly limit access to our youth, undermine the black market, and bring needed tax revenue. 

As Maine goes, so goes the nation.

UPDATE: NPR just picked up the story about Portland's overwhelming election! Listen Here!

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