Colucci's, We Have Your Back!

I am just in tears writing this because my heart breaks that this happened to Dickie, Bridget and the staff, but we have to let them know that our community supports them. These are such good people and I've been privileged to be welcomed into the family over the years.

From what I understand - early Saturday morning on March 9th, someone snuck into the apartment building above Colucci's and set the building on fire. The apartments up top, including Dickie Colucci's, were destroyed. Sadie, a very sweet dog and the official Colucci's mascot perished.

While the store survived, it has serious water damage and will be closed for the forseeable future putting everyone who works there temporarily out of work. On the bright side, the culprit has been caught, and the Red Cross will be helping the fire victims and the employees. Colucci's will rebuild and we will have our favorite neighborhood store back.

In the mean time, let's let Dickie, Bridget and the entire staff know we've got their back and we will all celebrate the day they open their doors again. 

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    i miss my job and all u fine ppl ,,, Diane we have to get together sometime for coffee or lunch kk miss u all
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    We miss our corner store! Good people there.
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    Dick, Jennifer, Christian, Isabelle, Dustin, Natasha, Jalen and Joshua and John……. i am so sorry for the loss of your apartments and your pets, R.I.P Sadie ( Colucci"s Dog,) Larry and Sukie( Dustins cats, ) you guys are all family to me, i have been with the Colucci store for 15 years, i will do any thing to help you rebuild your store and lives again…. God Bless you all and Thankful your all safe tonight………
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    Colucci you’re the hub of the Hill and all us spokes need to poke ourselves back into your center!! It’s the People Power of everyone that works there that makes us miss you so!~~~~Fast recuperation! Baby come back!
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    Wishing you the best as you put things back together. Looking forward to stopping by when you re-open. (You should have a grand re-opening celebration.)
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    Diane should be president!
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